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Is LandIt The New LinkedIn For Women?

Lisa Skeete Tatum is the CEO and Founder of LandIt. Image Credit: Lisa Skeete Tatum.

LandIt may be called the "LinkedIn for women," but the company describes itself as the "personalized playbook for women seeking to move their career forward," especially for women who find themselves at a crossroads professionally.
A career crossroads is exactly where LandIt Co-Founder and CEO, Lisa Skeete Tatum, was when she reached out to her former Harvard Business School classmate, Sheila Marcelo, the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of, to join her in her startup venture.
LandIt, based out of New York City, raised $2 million in funding in 2015 from angel investors and VCs and plans to do another round.
“All too frequently, women don’t know where to start, whether they’re moving on to a new chapter, re-entering the workforce, or looking for mentors and advice," Sheila Marcelo, Co-Founder and Board Member of  LandIt, tells me. "LandIt’s innovative platform and service eliminate the guesswork by assembling a team of experts and advisors to work with each woman, helping her truly define her goals and reach them."
I spoke with Skeete Tatum about helping women get "unstuck" from their careers, advancing diversity in the corporate world, and how she became one of the only African-American venture capitalists in the country.
Anushay Hossain: LandIt has been described as a “LinkedIn for women.” How would you best explain what LandIt does?
Lisa Skeete Tatum: Landit is a technology platform created to increase the success and engagement of women in the workplace. By providing a personalized playbook with tools, resources, know-how, and career connections, Landit empowers women to more successfully navigate their career path and enables enterprises to attract, develop, and retain high-potential diverse talent. We uniquely leverage technology and personal development experts to create a customized roadmap for each member, ensuring women are prepared and supported to excel at the right moment, in any stage of their career.



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