Saideh Browne is a women's empowerment activist and President of the National Council of Women of America; a think-tank of keynote speakers and experts. She is frequently hired by corporations, universities, and organizations to give talks on the intersectionality of race, class, and the global grind for gender diversity; as well as other tools and specialized solutions based on the framework of the United Nations’ Global Goals Initiative.

My continuous weight-loss journey

January 12, 2017 marked my 5 year fitness anniversary. I started this journey in 2012 three months shy of my 40th birthday, going to the gym and not really knowing what I was doing. I didn't take the aspect of my life very seriously. I literally would workout then head home and put a pizza in the oven and eat the whole thing. I know that sounds crazy, right. I was unaware - I didn't have the knowledge. 

Two and a half years into my journey (mid 2014) I was down 22lbs and a lovely size 4' everyone said I was too small (5'8" / 160lbs) but I was happy. I figured, everybody can't be wrong so I allowed myself to gain a few pounds back. I was perfect at 167lbs. 

By then, I was 42 years old and my body starting changing - I was hitting middle age. With each passing month, however, I noticed incremental weight increases - a few ounces here and a few ounces there. I wasn't alarmed because I was a size 8 and that was okay 

By Christmas 2015, when my adorable nephew was born, I was 171lbs and I proudly made it through the holiday season only gaining 4lbs. Well, 4 turned into 5 and 5 turned into 6 and you know how this progressed. After returning home from traveling to celebrate my nephews 1st birthday, my weight had ballooned to 177 and by January 2017 I was back at 182. This was a combination of food, metabolic changes in my body and too many cocktails and appetizers. 

I joined another gym - a place where I was out of my comfort zone and no one knew me - and went hard-body. I have been in the gym every day since I joined - December 17, 2016 (with the exception of Christmas, New Year's Day, a snow day and maybe one other day). Even if I only have time to spend 20 minutes working out I still go. At 186lbs I had no choice. 

Today, February 11, 2017 I am 182lbs but I am a very different 182. I have muscle and I am stronger - and very fit I might add. My goal weight is between 167 and 171 and I know how to get there. But seriously, this middle age hormonal nonsense takes mental grit to work through, physically and emotionally. I am going to stay on my grind and do what I have to do. 

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to share your story!

P.S. You also have to treat yourself to a fun pair of sneakers once in a while. That's how I keep myself motivated :)



  1. Getting meals delivered expensive, a few hundred bucks a month for you and the same for every family member who wants to join. If you can swing this type of payment then this might be your plan.